DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself

Hello, we are Jevon Kurniawan & Jufeity from Jolly’s Little Dreams. We are a team of passionate and creative designers focusing on Invitation, Favors, and Design. From the very beginning, we always knew we wanted to have our own business that utilises our design skills. After graduating from the same design school, we took different internships in many companies before deciding to jump in to create our own company!

D:  How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

We wanted to help couples create unique invitations that are special for their big day. With our watercolor & illustration skills, we decided to provide fully customisable design invitations that can be matched with the event theme & color scheme.


D: What is your vision/mission for your company?

We started the company with a vision to make wedding invitations that not only delivers the news & wedding details, but also makes a great first impression on the guests. We believe every little detail of your big day, no matter if it’s a big wedding or a small intimate one, needs to be special.

D: How did you start it? What were some adversities you faced when starting it?

We started by designing invitations for our friends & family. We designed the invitation based on their idea and it turned out that many people found our designs to be very personal and different. It was not easy starting a new business especially a business that has a specific target market. In the beginning, the biggest challenge was to find clients to keep the business running. As orders came, the challenge moved to ensuring that the production could meet with the deadline and that every piece of invitation delivered to the client is perfect.

D: What is something we might not know about the industry you’re in?

The industry is really competitive with all the invitation vendors and paper designers. A lot of times, people compare the prices or perks between our services and other vendors to make us cut down the price further. But I don’t believe in cutting the price to get a client, I think we just have to stick with what we can do best and so far we are able to meet the right clients who like our design and what we offer.

D: What has been the most memorable experience for you so far in running your business?

Meeting a lot of new people & lovely couples. We love to see new faces with different personalities & stories. One of the couples that we worked for is the child of a minister in our country which sounds extravagant but they were very humble; so it was nice getting to know them personally. We also have met an Australian-New Zealand couple who are super nice and they trusted us to make their wedding invitation with Lake Wanaka watercolor illustration on it, which also happened to be the venue of their outdoor wedding.


D: How do you define success? Who do you see as successful?

Success for me is a way of life where you can do something you love with purpose and able to support yourself doing it. I respect entrepreneurs who can build a brand and business when they are still young and can support their family.

D: Which habits of yours have gotten you to where you are today?  

We are restless and never stop learning. We are always evolving as designers and innovative to create something interesting and personal. We are really involved in every process of our business from the design to quality control to shipping & delivery.


D: What is one thing you would like your customers to know about your company?

Working with us actually feels like having a friend who will help you with your wedding invitation. You can tell us your idea, your wedding concept, and what your dream invitation looks like and we will turn it into reality!

D: If you could give advice to fellow and budding entrepreneurs, what wold it be?

Everything is possible if you are willing to work for it. I met a lot of people who want to be entrepreneurs and have great ideas but they always say they don’t know how to start or it’s impossible to do the business. I think if we really want to do something and be prepared to hustle for it, everything is possible.


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D: Where else can we find you online? 

Instagram : @jollyslittledreams