11 Unique Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

You’re in charge of every aspect on your big wedding day- and that includes what your bridesmaids are wearing as well. When selecting the dress theme for them, you have to make sure that the colour palette and style of the bridesmaid dress matches your overall wedding theme as well. So how do you choose the perfect bridesmaid dress?

From classy outfits, meaningful themes, and unconventional yet unique bridesmaids outfit ideas, there are endless possibilities to make your wedding photos a memorable one. It’s all up to you and your creativity to go with the dress theme you like the best. Bridesmaids truly play such huge supportive roles in our weddings, they deserve the finest dresses on your wedding day too. We know how important it is for your girlfriends to look stunning alongside you in your wedding photos. Featuring Love, Bonito bridesmaid dresses to various styles and recommendations, we’ve compiled a list of bridesmaids dress ideas here for you! You can also check out quirky and fun groomsmen outfits here for more wedding photo inspirations. Featuring Love, Bonito bridesmaid dresses to styles and recommendations of bridesmaid dresses, this art

1. Same same but different

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

Gone are the days where bridesmaids would all wear the exact dresses. Now, it’s all about the subtle differences that give every bridesmaid a unique style, yet still look uniform at the same time. Bridesmaids dresses can be of the same colours with different cuttings or the same cutting with different colours. For gowns with different colours, make sure that the colours don’t clash! Go for simple, soft themes that can never go wrong such as pastel or monochrome. Though it might be tough to find exciting variations for groomsmen attire since most suits are of darker colours, you can have subtle differences in coloured ties or button-up shirts. 

2. Floral

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

Flowers often symbolise romantic feelings, beauty and care. Having a floral dress code theme would not only look soft and complement the bride’s white gown, but it’ll also look refreshing and vibrant. What can go wrong with the colours and designs of nature? If you’re looking for a more subtle floral theme, you can also have the bridesmaids all wear flower crowns on their heads or corsages on their wrists. Flower crowns are trendy and fashionable today, bringing across a whimsical and feminine vibe. You can find out which flowers would best suit your wedding theme in our ultimate bridal florist guide in Singapore.

3. School uniform

Alan ng photography bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Alan Ng Photography

If the bride and groom had met during their school days, how cute would it be if all their bridesmaids and groomsmen were to wear their old school uniforms? This dress code theme would double up as a meaningful way to celebrate the first time the couple had met and fell in love, as well as to show appreciation for the friends who had been there to witness it all unfold. This theme can also inspire an endearing photoshoot idea for couples to take their wedding photos in the school that they’ve met.

4. Traditional

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

Time to bring everyone back to their cultural roots and don traditional clothing as a dress code theme. While it is common to have the bride and groom wear their traditional clothing on their wedding day, why not have the groomsmen and bridesmaids match this as well? Traditions are especially crucial on wedding days because it encourages the emotional bonds between families. This would be especially meaningful for mixed-race couples to show how love transgresses all boundaries if the two come from different cultural backgrounds. This dress code theme would then represent the convergence of their cultures together. You can learn more about Chinese wedding traditions and Malay Muslim weddings here!

Check out Love, Bonito’s Veryn Mandarin Collar Shift Dress, a modern take on a classic traditional bridesmaid dress, with a timeless shift dress silhouette and complete with a mandarin collar. It also comes with a comfortable concealed back zip closure with hook.

5. Ombré

Image credits: Multifolds Photography

Are you unfamiliar with the term “ombré”? It means a colour that graduates from dark to light. Ombré has been a hot trend for an extended period of time, from hair colours to clothing. Why decide on one colour for your bridesmaids dresses, when you can have a beautiful ombre dress with a mix of dark and light colours? These dresses will also make the bride’s pure white wedding dress stand out more.

6. Jumpsuits

Image credits: Love, Bonito

If you’re looking to turn to something different from the typical feminine bridesmaid’s gowns and dresses but still want to keep that elegant look, why not get some jumpsuits? Jumpsuits are trendy, comfortable and perfect for any formal occasion. You don’t have to feel like your choices are more limited with jumpsuits, as there are many different styles, cuttings and designs as well. Jumpsuits make the body look more elongated and sophisticated, and are also flattering on any types of body figures.

7. Bold and dark

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

Wanting to move away from the conventional soft pastel colours like pink, blue and purple for bridesmaids’ dresses? Why not go for a bold and dark look? Bold colours like deep red or dark blue for bridesmaids dresses will bring across a stark contrast with the bride’s white dress. Though it is not common as most people have the misconception that dark colours represent bad luck, there is beauty in these shades that are underappreciated. Darker colours are more often associated with elegance, formality and mystery. If you’re planning a darker wedding theme, you can also bring this theme over to the dress code for your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

8. Short and cute

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

The most unfortunate thing about living in Singapore is that the weather is hot and humid all year round. Long sleeves and long dresses will be tough to wear in this weather even though they might look aesthetically pleasing. You’d have to try your best not to have any sweat stains on your clothing or else it will look terrible in photos! If the hot weather is a significant concern for you, why not have your bridesmaids wear short dresses? Not only will this be unique, but there are many ways to style short-sleeved clothes in many ways to be comfortable while remaining formal for the wedding occasion. 

9. Patterns and shapes

love bonito bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Love, Bonito

Bridesmaids dresses are similar to evening gowns as they tend to be simple, plain and formal. Many people would assume that formal wear has to be dull and serious-looking. But patterns and designs wouldn’t necessarily make these dresses look less formal or less appealing! If you’re looking for something eye-catching and colourful, you can consider fun and elaborate designs, shiny sequins, ruffles or intricate laces. Don’t be shy, go wild with colours! Patterns on clothing also represent one’s exciting and quirky personality. If you think this is the unique style you want to go for your bridesmaid’s dresses, don’t be afraid to go for it!

10. Suits

pinterest bridesmaids dresses
Image credits: Pinterest

Women’s suits and blazers are classy, sexy and fresh looks for bridesmaids! In the 21st century today, it has become more common to see ladies confidently wearing suits as formal wear- from secondary school prom to office workwear. Suits are on a different level as compared to jumpsuits, as they are usually associated with masculine, dark colours and professionalism. In contrast, jumpsuits focus more on the femininity of styling pants. Your bridesmaids will still look smashingly amazing in either one of these pants options. Pair a classy suit with a set of high heels, and you’ll have your bridesmaids looking like Charlie’s Angels going for the kill. Suits for bridesmaids will bring a unique and special vibe for your wedding photos!

11. Bohemian

Image Credits: Dirty Boots and Messy Hair and Festival Brides

The bohemian mismatched look is a fantastic one for bridesmaids. The perfect dress code for outdoor weddings such as garden parties, this bohemian trend gives off a rustic vibes and your bridesmaids can be flexible in choosing their wardrobe. Anything from florals and prints to blogshop style dresses fits perfectly into the bohemian bridesmaid look to give off a magical and casual vibe on your big day.

This list of dress code theme ideas is definitely not exhaustive! It’ll be awesome if you can draw inspiration from these suggestions and create your own styles and ideas. Weddings are a once in a lifetime dream to experience, so we understand that you’ll want everything to be perfect down to the last detail. Remember to take many meaningful pictures with your bridesmaids as well. They’re your best girl friends who’ve been with you through growing up, and have supported your relationship till your big day. Have fun playing around with your dress code themes while looking drop-dead gorgeous at the same time! Here are also some creative ways to preserve these wedding memories that you’ll be creating with your best girls.

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