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8 Perfect Venues for Hosting Corporate Events

Whether it’s a networking event or company D&D, putting together the perfect corporate event can be a demanding task for any individual. With many available options, picking the right venue that meets capacity, customizability and other criteria can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re looking to host a corporate event in the near future, check out these curated venues that are fit for any occasion.

1. Control Space A one stop event space built to meet any requirement, this venue would undoubtedly be fit for a team bonding event or even just an after-work chill session. Youthful vibes and fun times abound is the name of the game for Control Space. With many amenities such as foosball, beer pong and projector screens, this will surely be popular with the crowds looking to relive their teenage days.

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2. Club WOA Private Lounge

Nestled within Seletar Aerospace Park, this venue is a one-hit wonder for aerospace enthusiasts or just the individual looking for a space away from hustle and bustle of the CBD. With the ability to seat up to 300 guests, this venue can support larger crowds and is customizable to suit your event needs. Not to mention, your guests will be dazzled with a panoramic view of the Seletar Runway while enjoying your spectacular event.

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3. Kilo Lounge

Tucked behind unsuspecting graffiti doors and a lush garden walkway, Kilo Lounge is a hidden gem filled with good vibes and better music. Let you guests step into a whole new world with this venue that is perfect for product launches and corporate functions. You can even turn it a notch up with a fully equipped DJ setup and sound system for that one-of-a-kind night.

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4.  Loof

A familiar and soon-to-be classic amongst many working adults in Singapore. This venue redefined the scene with its concept of a rooftop bar. Featuring beer pong tables and tapas that is simply out of this world, impress your guests with a memorable evening at one of this island’s best bars to hangout. Truly, a venue that can never go wrong.

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5.  Pong Singapore

pongsg_43-1Having only opened its doors in 2018, Pong Singapore is looking to revolutionize the Pong game that so many of us love. This is for the party lovers who want the ultimate company bonding experience. Featuring the latest PongConnect technology to turn your party up, get ready for a phenomenal night of joy and laughter.

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6.  Aura

Breathtaking views are no stranger to Aura. Located at the top of the National Gallery, this venue features both a restaurant and sky lounge. Well suited for cocktail events or corporate functions, wow your guests with amazing drinks, food and of course, a panoramic view of the Marina Bay skyline.

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7.  The Great Room

the-great-room_drawing-roomWhether it is a networking event or corporate sharing session, The Great Room has an available and customizable venue for you to work around. Look forward to a well-designed space and comfortable cushions as you host your guests at this bohemian space. Corporate or intimate, the decision is yours.

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8. Distrii Singapore


A co-working space by day, Distrii is a venue popular amongst millennials. Featuring an AV system, ready furniture, and even a food counter, maximize this multi-storey space for a cocktail event or product launch. You’ll even have service staff to help you out as a bonus! Distrii always has something for you.

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