Dessert and buffet tables have come a long way. From being an accompaniment to the birthday cake, they have now become the eye-catching focal point, an expression of the celebrant’s personality.

If you want to jump on the dessert table bandwagon, here are some inspiring designs from our vendors, that are visually stunning, and delectable all at once!

  1. Pink Cuddles1_corrine_cake

  1. King of the Jungle2_artisans

  2. Circus3_circus

  3. Tickled Pink4_jara_petit

  4. Little Man


  1. Nautical


  1. Vintage Carnival


  1. Noah’s Ark8_milk_and_honey

  2. Rainbow and Magic Wands9_once_upon_a_table

  3. Confetti and Sprinkles10_once_upon_a_table

Main Photo by Confetti Delight