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Father’s Day gift ideas

With Father’s Day coming up just around the corner (21st June, for those of you who forgot), we’re all scrambling to get the perfect Father’s Day gift that will blow our dads away. To all our fathers who have watched us grow, taught us valuable life lessons and laughed alongside us, what gifts can we get for them to show our appreciation throughout these years? We want to shower them with presents that are special and bring across our feelings of love and care.

You can stop your frantic googling for Father’s Day 2020 gift ideas because we’ve compiled a list for you here! This list ranges from handmade DIY crafts, sweet treats and alcoholic drinks to hearty meals and surprise boxes. There are no limits to how a Father’s Day celebration should be. Choose your gifts according to your father’s hobbies or interests, or even try buying something new that he has never tried before. We’re sure that your father will appreciate these gifts that all come from the heart. With these fantastic goodies we recommend, it’ll sure to be a Father’s Day he’ll never forget! 


Fleurbycal father's day gift
Image credits: Fleurbycal

Who says dads can’t receive flowers too? Fleurbycal offers the prettiest Father’s Day gift bundles for your superdad! Not only do the bundles come with vibrant flowers, but they also include sets of dry-aged beef and pork. Tender and succulent, these meat have been placed in a controlled environment that allows the enzymes to break down the protein structure of the meat. They’ve also prepared a cooking guide and a flower care tips card for you to ensure maximum satisfaction this Father’s Day. To top if off, there are 2 bottles of classy wines for your dad to enjoy. This is truly a bundle that has it all!

The Green Capsule

The Green Capsule father's day gift
Image credits: The Green Capsule

Does your dad have green fingers? Well, maybe something as simple as a plant can perk up his day! Did you know that having an indoor plant can boost mood and productivity, as well as decrease stress levels? Personalise your Father’s Day gift with the Open Terrarium DIY Kit or the Airplant Greenwall DIY Kit. With an instruction sheet, tools and everything else you need included in the kits, arrange the plants according to a style your dad would love. Or, you could do it together with your dad, just to make this plant a bit more special to both of you.


Plentyfull father's day gift
Image credits: Plentyfull

Indulge your father’s sweet tooth with pastries on this special day. With the Croissants & Bakes Care Pack, you can choose up to 4 luxurious flavours of croissants. Delicious cookies accompany these croissants, topped with shortbread, rose tea leaves and a jar of truffle butter. Bring a mini cafe to your home with this pack and allow your dad to enjoy the sensations of freshly baked goodies.

Kafve Coffee

Kafve Coffee father's day gift
Image credits: Kafve Coffee

For a nice cup of coffee to accompany sweet treats for your father, Kafve has a Father’s Day gift under $50 to solve that problem- their Cold Brew Latte Bundle of 6! Here’s to all the fathers who have been craving a good cup of coffee while we’re all stuck at home during circuit breaker. Let us treat you! With refreshing yet light lattes to match their palate, erase your father’s work from home stress with Kafve Coffee. Best consumed chilled or with ice!


Labinc father's day gift
Image credits: Labinc

Free shipping? We love to hear it. If your father loves a good cocktail, this may be the Father’s Day gift package made for him. Throw a Father’s Day party at home with the whole family as Labinc’s Mix&Match Cocktails serve around 8-10 drinks! Cocktail lovers will be transformed with the mouthwatering, tropical flavours and delicate balance.

Studio Mu Yu

Studio Mu Yu father's day gift
Image credits: Studio Mu Yu

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift crafts you can personalise, Studio Mu Yu provides a few options for you! We recommend their Make Your Own Phone Stand Kit that is adorably in the shape of an armchair. This is suitable for the fathers out there who require to be on their phone more often than before due to the work from home situation. If this isn’t an ideal present for your father, why not try the DIY Wooden Coasters? As a fun and personalised home decor, showcase your craft skills by coming up with your unique designs as a cute Father’s Day gift.

The Tea Story

The Tea Story father's day gift
Image credits: The Tea Story

Show your father how much you love him with the wonderful aroma of tea! The Tea Story Wellness Gift Set offers a luxurious blend of 3 tea pouches. The flavours have unique, punny names such as detoxtea, serenitea, and immunitea. There are many benefits to introducing tea to your father if he’s not a big tea drinker. Drinking tea can help to detox the body and protect your bones! This Father’s Day gift is a display of your tender love and care to his health.


Gudsht father's day gift
Image credits: Gudsht

Tickle your father’s taste buds- as well as his humour, with these unique cocktails by Gudsht. In the Taster Pack Originals, these hilariously named cocktails are specially handcrafted for celebrations! This pack includes their original and well-known drinks such as Unicorn Barf and Sangrila Utama. The characters in the bottles also have their own stories to pair with their exciting names.

Whites Bakery

Whites Bakery father's day gift
Image credits: Whites Bakery

What’s a celebration without cake? If you’re rushing for time and need some quick Father’s Day gift ideas, cakes are the most comfortable option. Basque Burnt Cheesecake is the ultimate trendy cake you need for Father’s Day. The unique structure of the cheesecake is definitely eye-catching. This, with the rich combination of smooth cheesecake coated with a toasty top crust, is sure to leave your father craving for more!


Saybons father's day gift
Image credits: Saybons

If your dad is a foodie, why not treat him to a meal that is not only delicious, but healthy as well? With the Saybons Care Package, the seafood bisque, truffle mushroom pasta, chilli crab mac and cheese, and so much more included are sure to guarantee a hearty Father’s Day meal. The brightly coloured food wrapping is also accompanied by wooden boards, coasters, and a personalised message to decorate the table for a lovely Father’s Day celebration.


Nineteen95 father's day gift
Image credits: Nineteen95

Upgrade your father’s coffee or tea with the Bundle of 6 Cold Brew (Black) or Bundle of 6 Cold Brew (White) at Nineteen95. They are Singapore’s leading specialty coffee live station and catering! Extend out of your father’s usual kopi or teh and treat him to high-quality drinks with this bundle. Their cold brew coffee or tea will be delivered right to your doorstep, packaged nicely in 6 bottles. As these can be refrigerated and stored up to 5 days from the delivery date, it’s practically a Father’s Day treat for a week!

Kueh Ho Jiak

Kueh Ho Jiak
Image credits: Kueh Ho Jiak

Who doesn’t love old school kuehs and cakes? From ondeh-ondehs that ooze in your mouth to the intricate patterns on colourful ang ku kuehs, Kueh Ho Jiak‘s Father’s Day Platter is the perfect dessert platter to enjoy with the whole family! This special platter includes an exclusive kueh- chocolate puteri ayu with nutella. Moving away from the traditional “tortoise” shaped mould, they have new and freshly shaped ang ku kuehs that are sure to amaze your father in both sight and taste. You can also deliver platters with a personalised message, making everything a little bit sweeter.

Luxe Catering

Luxe Catering
Image credits: Luxe Catering

Cupcakes are great gifts simply because they are perfect for any occasion! If you’re not looking to buy a whole cake for Father’s Day, why not get some cupcakes that are pretty but also easy to eat? Indulge Collection Cupcakes includes 3 different flavours: red velvet, chocolate hazelnut, and cookies and cream. Enjoy these sweet treats with your father this Father’s Day!

Junior “The Pocket Bar”

Junior "The Pocket Bar"
Image credits: Junior “The Pocket Bar”

Grab a 4-pack of Grevensteiner Original Beers inclusive of an authentic ceramic German beer stein! Grevensteiner is an old, rare style of Pilsener that has been made since the middle ages. In addition, steins are traditional beer mugs that are usually sold in Germany as souvenirs. Junior “The Pocket Bar” has 4 designs available for your choice, which depict the 4 seasons of the year. Your father won’t drink out of any other mugs after he owns this unique stein! With good drinks and a cool souvenir, nothing can go wrong this Father’s Day.


Image credits: Soaprise

Want to show your father how much you appreciate him by relieving his stress? Look no further, as this Father’s Day gift package falls perfectly into this category. The Aromatherapy Mystery Box is a combination of two different themes: Relaxation and Perks me Up. Relaxation is great to allow your father to feel calm and uplifted, while Perks me Up will enable him to stay focused, energetic and happy during this work from home period. Aromatherapy has a vast range of benefits for your father, shown through your gentle care and concern for his well-being through this package.

After looking at this list, have you decided what you’re going to buy for Father’s Day yet? Don’t worry; take your time to pick out the perfect gift carefully. We know how important this day is for you as much as it is for your super dad. If you can’t express your love in words, we’re sure these gifts can do so for you. Let’s make this 2020 Father’s Day an unforgettable one despite the stay home restrictions! Who knows, you might start to miss seeing your father 24/7 when the mandatory “work from home” rule is lifted.   

Even with this list of Father’s Day gift suggestions, you’re still struggling to decide? Fret not, as we have endless options available for you! You can head over to our list of care packages to find more potential gifts that might suit your father’s tastes. We also have an ultimate list of gift cards here if you want to purchase a few for a variety-filled present instead.

Delegate wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! Thank you all for being great fathers and for playing such a significant role in our lives.

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