13 Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Won’t Leave Behind

Wedding and event giveaways are a sizeable part of the budget – so it’s really quite disappointing when they’re never put to use, or even left behind by your guests. The trick is to give away something that they can use and enjoy that fits your planned budget at the same time.

On the lookout for these kinds of giveaways? Try these edible favours that taste and look delightful at the same time:

1. Handcrafted Tea

A.muse Projects is a tea company whose specially crafted blends are designed to give every customer a distinct experience. Bringing together the soothing qualities of tea and other much-celebrated flavors, from alcohol to wine, you’ll be able to give your guests not just any tea, but a blend that they won’t forget.


2. Luxury Handmade Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates – especially decadent ones? Anjali Chocolat’s chocolates are hand-crafted, made fresh everyday, using the finest ingredients, and without artificial flavouring. They also pay a great deal of attention to their packaging, for that perfectly indulgent gift!

3. Premium Baking Ingredients 

Do you have a group of friends who especially love baking? Baking Blocks’ offers a specially curated range of quality & unique baking ingredients and products. They can be used for baking, snacking, or even other uses like toppings or cooking. They’re packaged well, too, and are customizable for your event.


4. Handcrafted Jams and Condiments

Want to promote local produce? GSH’s line of jams and condiments would make a perfect gift. Made proudly in Singapore, their jams are hand-made with seasonal tropical fruit, and always contain more fruit than sugar, with no added additives, flavouring or preservatives. They also provide customization of labels and flavours for special occasions.


5. French Honey Bread

Got guests with fine taste? Give them Carre Pain D’Epices traditional French honey bread. Inspired by rich French heritage, they’ve taken the humble classic honey bread recipe, and infused it with local ingredients. They’re quite a healthy treat, too, made with no eggs, no dairy, and are fat-free.


6. Pili Nuts

For your health buff friends, or even those who like to snack, Pili Pushers’ nutrient-rich pili nuts would be a perfect gift. Their high Vitamin E and Magnesium content help combat stress and free radicals, boost energy and maintain heart health. Great alone, or with salad, muesli, cured meats, cheese and wine.

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7. Honey

With the growing trend of being health conscious, many people are now avoiding sugar. Give your guests a healthier replacement with Cerana’s honey products. Unprocessed and obtained only by extraction without pasteurization, their honey is harvested and bottled directly at our farm with quality assurance. Besides honey, they also carry other unique products such as honeycomb, bee pollen, candles and bar soaps.


8. Matcha Powder

Originating from the first picking during spring in Kyoto, this premium Matcha Tea Powder is perfect for your matcha purist friends. Great to drink alone, but also ideal for baking. Comes in cute packaging, too!


9. Himalayan Salt

Great for healthful cooks, picky gourmands and favour hunters, Salt Grammar has a library of non-industrialised, sometimes rare but always whole, unrefined, traceable and beautiful cooking salts that are good for everyday use.


10. All-natural Rock Candies

Sweet Enchantment designs and handcrafts all-natural rock candies, lollipops,  candy canes and see-through mini pops. They are also customizable for events. You can add pictures or choose your own shapes for candy sculptures to be given away. Made using the traditional craft of candy-making, their products are known for their distinct beauty, elegance and glass-like quality.

11. Nut Butters

Hunters’ Kitchenette nut butters are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people leading Paleo, Primal Blueprint or Hunter Gatherer lifestyles. They have a wide range of flavors including Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Cocoa, Macadamia and Pistachio nut butters.hunters-kitchenette

12. Custom- Packaged Chocolates

If your guests can’t get enough of sweets, but have a discerning taste, Molten Chocolatier’s curated fine Belgian and French hand-made chocolates would be a perfect parting gift. You can also custom design your packaging to fit your event’s theme!


13. Organic Teas

For your organic purist and discerning friends, Infusion de Vie’s teas will surely pass the test. Their teas are made using carefully selected leaves from the pristine forests of Taiwan’s mountains and blended with the finest in traditional Chinese herbs. Their subtle fragrance, and delicate flavors were made to invigorate the body and spirit!