One of the main highlights of a child’s birthday party is blowing those candles on his or her birthday cake. It’s when everybody gets ‘round the celebrant to welcome yet another year, so isn’t it only fitting to make the birthday cake as cute as it could possibly be?

If you’re planning your child’s upcoming birthday, look to these cakes for inspiration – you may feel that they’re too-cute-to-eat, but we assure you they’re a party in the mouth, too!

  1. This Paddington Bear cake should bring back memories for adults too.


2.How about some Doraemon for the anime-loving celebrant?


3.How intricate is this Wizard of Oz cake?


4.We do not know any little girl who is not a fan of Frozen.


  1. Some Looney Tunes for that little kid with a sense of humor.


6. Can’t choose just one? Have all the Disney Princesses present…


  1. Or invite the whole Sesame Street!


  1. Does she love to bake? She can help make one of the Gingerbread Men here.


  1. He can also be the Robin to this Batman.


  1. When all else fails, there’s always room for all your Childhood Favorites, just like this multi-tier cake!


Photo Credits: (1, 2, 9 from Little House of Dreams / 2,4,8 from Susucre Cakes)