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6 ways to level up your event with art

Spice up your next birthday party, corporate gathering, or celebration with some artsy elements! Artistic and crafty elements create a relaxed ambience that is great as conversation starters. Here are some elements you can incorporate into your party to make it a little bit more artistic, crafty, and fun.

1. Artsy venue 

What better way to make your event artsy than to hold it in an art gallery and be immersed in the presence of art? The art pieces displayed are great conversation starters, and your guests can relax and engage in casual small talk about the art pieces. The gallery featured above is Livingwithart, they are not only flexible in terms of spatial arrangement but are also accommodating to cater to your specific needs.


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2. Art Pieces

If you do not want to hold your event in an art gallery, but simply want a few selected art pieces to be a feature in your event, you can also do so with Art Loft. They offer personally curated lists of artworks for different types of venues. This will definitely take your next event up by a notch.


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3. Artistic Workshops

If you are holding a corporate bonding event or a large gathering with your friends, introducing craft workshops in your party can actually be a great way to foster or reconnect strong bond among your guests. Our Delegate website offers an array of craft workshops for you to choose from, ranging from calligraphy, jewellery design, to painting planters.


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4. Artisan Dessert

Dessert, done well, can also be a form of artistic expression. Instagrammable and tasty, Smoulder Bakes ‘s dessert is indeed a work of art. Their famous lava cakes come in a wide selection of flavours and it would be a great addition to your artsy party. There are tons of other artisan desserts you can explore on Delegate, Grin Affair also does a variety of crafty and delectable desserts you can enjoy at your event.


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5. Live classical or acoustic music 

Having a live quartet playing background music will certainly set the mood for the event and make it more interesting. Alternatively, if you prefer something that is light and chill, some of Delegate’s venue also provide an acoustic selection that you will find appealing as well.


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6. Crafty Drinks 

Sipping on some artisan tea or coffee while you enjoy a hearty conversation adds a tinge of class and sophistication to your event. These crafty artisan drinks are pleasing to the eyes, pleasant to taste, it will certainly be enjoyable for your guests.

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