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Guide on how to write the perfect wedding vows

As part and parcel of your big wedding day, exchanging wedding vows in Singapore is one of the most highly anticipated events of the night. Wedding vows represent a promise of the couple’s love and commitment together, no matter how challenging things in life may be. How can you find the most suitable words to write the perfect wedding vows for him or her? You might be feeling extra nervous with the big day slowly approaching, especially with the idea of having to say your wedding vows in front of both your family and friends. 

Traditional wedding vows, personal vows or unique and hilarious ones, what kind of vibe do you intend to have? Don’t worry, writing wedding vows is not as difficult as you think it is! Read on to our guide to find out how to prepare and write the perfect wedding vows script that will best represent you and your relationship sincerely. We also have more wedding-related guides and tips on our blog, so do check out our tips on how to look your best on your big day and more here!

Get into the romantic mood

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Before starting anything, get your head into the mood first! You don’t want to start writing your wedding vows after a long, exhausting day of work or when you’re frustrated at your pet for ruining your new carpet. Take some time off from your day to clear your head, relax, and empty your mind. You can immerse yourself into the best romantic and emotional atmosphere by listening to music. Or you can consider browsing through old photos and videos of you and your partner throughout the years. Getting into the right headspace is vital before writing! It helps your words to flow easier, as well as allow you to draw inspiration from your genuine emotions at that moment in time. You might even be inspired to plan out your actual wedding day music. We’ve compiled some playlists to help you get a head start!

Plan it out before writing

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You definitely want to plan out what points you want to cover before writing your wedding vows. Sure, you might say that it’s more natural to freestyle sometimes. But, remember that you don’t want to get carried away by one point and forget to cover others! More importantly, these wedding vows are not just written for your partner, but also for your wedding guests to witness your declaration of love. You have to decide on what kind of vibe you are aiming for. Is it going to be a funny wedding vow with inside jokes and entertaining stories, a modern wedding vow with unique twists, or an emotional one that will surely leave not just your partner, but also all of your wedding guests in tears? You can also do a combination of all of them. Bring your partner on a rollercoaster of emotions that have brought you both here today.

Discuss with your fiancé

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Though this might sound a little odd, but you can discuss how you’re going about to write your wedding vows with your fiancé. This doesn’t mean you should show him or her your whole wedding vows script! Share the kind of theme or mood you’re going for, or the prominent memories you’ll both want to share with your guests, but from different perspectives. For example, the day you both met each other. Don’t reveal too much, though, as it should still be a pleasant surprise for your partner on your wedding day. Discuss with your finacé to verify that you do not have too many clashing elements with him or her. It can even be used as a form of inspiration to write things in your version.

Talk about specific memories

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There are many countless memories, both the good and the bad, that you’ve experienced with your partner together. It’ll be hard to squeeze all of these memories together in your wedding vows. Especially since you don’t want the whole ceremony to be too long-winded! Take some time to think about which memories hold the most significance, are the most hilarious, or even the pivoting point of your relationship. Pick out 2 to 3 of these memories and talk about your experiences and what made your relationship the way it is now. These moments of self-reflection will make your wedding vows more genuine and heartwarming. With new memories being created on your wedding day, you can find creative ways to preserve these memories here!

Promises and future plans

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An important part to include in your wedding vows are the promises and future plans you have in store for your partner. Marriage is not just the endgame of a relationship, but rather a new beginning with life discoveries to unlock together. Therefore, ask yourself, what do you want to promise to your partner in the future? What comes after marriage? How will you play your part in ensuring  your marriage remains strong and healthy in the years to come? By including these promises, not only will your fiancé and guests go “aww” with your touching declaration of loyalty, but it will help you in reflecting and planning your goals for the future together.

Concluding your wedding vows

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Of course, in almost every wedding you’ve attended and even in the movies, every wedding vow ends with the declaration of being together forever- even when times are tough, in sickness and in health, and “till death do us apart”. You might be thinking that it’s too cliché and unoriginal to add that to the end of your wedding vows. But, these sentences hold depth in representing how far you promise your love and life to your partner. You can switch up these sentences a bit to make them sound more personalised to your relationship. Ultimately, you still want your wedding vows to end along these lines of promising forever to your partner.

Following online templates?

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One last tip that we have is that searching for online templates for your wedding vows is a huge no-no! This might sound tempting as there are many templates to easily “fill in the blanks” and complete your wedding vows quicker. However, this will make your wedding vows sound forced and insincere. You might be worried that you’re not a good enough writer to come up with fancy words and induce heart-wrenching emotions. But, remember that you don’t need to follow someone else’s elaborate wedding vows to impress your partner! Trust yourself in the process and write whatever comes to your heart. Your partner will appreciate your words because he or she knows that it came from you. Don’t worry too much and speak your wedding vows with confidence; we have some tips to ease you from your wedding nervousness here!

Wedding vows in Singapore don’t have to be as flashy and intimidating as they perceive to be. Remember that your partner chose you out of all the other fishes in the sea! You should be who you are and not worry about impressing your guests. Wedding vows ceremonies are sacred and unique to each couple. There’s no fixed format to follow or Hollywood acting to reenact. Just embrace it, be yourself, and go with the flow! To add to the dream-like, whimsical mood of declaring your wedding vows, you can consider having your wedding in these garden venues for that intimate outdoor wedding here! This is a special moment that lays out your sincerity, love and vulnerability that you’ll remember forever.

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