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11 Trendy Kids Party Ideas for 2020

Gone are the days where birthday parties were mostly confined to a do-it-all at Macdonalds (they will always be in our fond memory). Today’s kids’ birthday parties have become more elaborate and extravagant for the little ones from the time they turn a month old. Before you take out your calendar and panic as you count the dates left to your child’s big celebration, deciding on a party theme will definitely set the stone in motion and streamline your birthday party planning process. Check out these 11 trendy kids party ideas that your kids will definitely love!

Baby Shark

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We are starting off the list with the song that swept the globe –– and hanging onto its coattails are our little ones who can’t seem to stop replaying the track. Baby blue and shark-finned decorations will be a definite staple of the day along with some “shark bait” to keep the munchies at bay. We don’t need to tell you what the playlist of the day will have to be, but switch it up with some of the Baby Shark remixes that will get the older ones grooving along too! We do recommend that you save this party theme for your younger ones as the older children may have other characters and themes in mind.

Check out this mood board for more Baby Shark theme ideas!

Disney Princess

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Forget Disneyland, a quick trip to the costume store is all you need to get your little princess hyped up for her own birthday ball. [See Veryn’s Princess Birthday Party here] Welcome guests with crowns and tiaras of their own so everyone can be a part of the story. Consider hiring Disney Princess actors who specially dress up and act as the actual fairy tale characters for that extra magical charm. Whichever way you decide to plan, you can guarantee that this princess party will be a royal success.

Lion King

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You would think that this story ended at our generation as its first iteration appeared in 1994. But ever since its silver screen remake in 2019, kids have been fascinated by these talking animals. A tropical facade adorned with palm tree leaves is key to add that jungle vibe into the venue and cub Simba should make an appearance in the decorations too. Lion onesies are a good costume idea for your birthday cub to make an adorable entrance. Hakuna Matata!

Toy Story

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Children and adults alike have long waited for Toy Story 4 and it definitely did not disappoint. The introduction of the newest addition to the gang, Forky, makes for the perfect craft activity for the birthday bash –– all you need are plastic forks and craft materials. On the kids party food front, cookies and cake pops can take on the likeness of the claw-loving three eyed aliens. Your child’s own toys can be peppered around the venue along with the original Toy Story figurines for a more experiential party.


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Pokeball motifs will be your best friend for this theme as they can fit onto anything you can think of! Be it cupcakes, pizza, decor, balloons or even part of the birthday signage, they are the most versatile symbol of the show to incorporate. Bring out their favourite Pokemon and have them play Pokemon trainer for the day, if not, Pikachu is a vital prop to showcase as well. Ball games with a balls decorated as pokeballs are great party games to keep the kids entertained throughout the day.

Scavenger Hunt

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Your guests are in for an adventure if you throw a scavenger hunt themed party, the name practically speaks for itself! Let the kids party games begin from the moment guests step into the house by having puzzles on their invitation cards that lead them to more riddles and mysteries throughout the party location. Prep the treasure hunters with binoculars and magnifying glasses to suit them up for the occasion, and remember that X marks the spot!


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Yet another crowd favourite among the younger ones with it’s sequel hitting the big screens at the end of this year. You can be sure that they will be belting the lyrics to Let It Go once more and begging for another trip to the cinema. Fulfill their fantasy of being their own Frozen princess with a snow fantasyland, adorned with white snowflake cut-outs and ice blue streamers. A movie marathon will be a must for this event so get the children comfy and bring out the snacks!


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This is a great kids party idea if you have a gamer in the house! No introductions needed to the battle royale. The party food will take centre stage for this theme, with med kit cupcakes and energy drink concoctions to fuel the players up. Set up the TV in front of some comfy beanbags and cushions for the ultimate birthday battle. And to top it all off, gift your guests a supply drop of party favours to bag home (we suggest a V-Bucks gift card dropped in)!

Unicorns and Llamas

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Cute creatures never go out of style, especially so when they are mystical and bright pink. A fan favourite among ladies of all ages, this themed celebration will be a winner for your little princess. Party ideas for this include building your own unicorn pinata for the birthday girl for a sweet surprise at the end and displaying a multitude of llama plushies for the cutest photo ops.


Image credits: Matthias Chng

Long has been the debate between the two franchises of superheros; DC and Marvel. But whichever camp you (and your little one) have pledged your loyalty to, a superhero-themed party is always a safe bet! The ever popular witty Spiderman or tech-mogul Iron Man have been taking the scene by storm, especially with the release of the blockbuster Avengers this year. Get cheesing with capes and masks as photobooth props to commemorate the event. For Superhero party games, set up a superhero training ground to test these heroes-in-training skills through obstacle courses, relay races and target practice.


Image credits: Funfair.sg

Have you ever thought of having a birthday get-together in a carnival setting? This might seem like one of those over-the-top kids party ideas to some but not us! Just think of inflatable game booths, bouncy castles and ball pits galore. If that’s a bit too kiddish for your child, fret not, arcade favourites like Dance Dance Revolution and Daytona Racing are available too. So whether it be games, entertainers or food stations, Funfair.sg have got you fully covered on this. Your party carnival guests are sure to have a ball of a time, of that we are certain.

Party planning can get overwhelming at times and if you need help, feel free to check in with any of these kids party planners or simply engage a kids party magician to spice up your celebration!

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